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Home Energy Audit & Home Performance Upgrades


After completing an initial interview to learn more about your energy behaviors and habits, our professional auditor will perform a full home assessment by reviewing your home’s:

Insulation effectivenessWindow and door effectivenessAir-duct leakage and restrictionsConstruction integrity issuesAppliance efficiency

After completing an in-depth inspection the contractor will provide upgrade recommendations and break down potential areas to save. If improvements are made, FOR Energy can perform the work and ensure you receive available rebates, tax credits, and financing offers to help offset costs. Plus, home energy audit participants could be eligible for additional rebates & ask about our discount programs

FOR Energy will provide you with an individualized roadmap to achieve optimal health, comfort, and savings in your home!


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How you can Save energy & Money today

With our evaluations and services we can determine the best way for you to save energy and money. So, take advantage of all our services below and Schedule your free home evaluation and start saving today!

Tempe AZ Services

Home Energy Audit

Let us Evaluate your home, so we can find where all the energy leaks are. Start here, and start saving on your energy bill.

Solar Panel Installation

Is your home energy bill too high? Let us help by evaluating your home, and with solar panels being the #1 energy saver this could be an option for you. Call us to see if qualify for tax credits or other awesome programs!

Energy Window Installation

FOR Energy caries the most energy efficient residential windows. Have your windows evaluated to see how much you can save.

Home Energy Insulation

It’s important to have your insulation evaluated to make sure it is the proper level and installed in the proper locations. This will reduce the amount of heating and cooling appliances you need to use to keep your home comfortable.


Duct sealing inspectionsair duct inspections

20 to 30 percent of the air moving through your ductwork could be lost to leaks and cracks. Have your home checked out!

Window Film Installation

Window film not only blocks heat but also blocks UV rays which leads to fading, increases privacy, reduces glare, and adds additional security to your glass.

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