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Energy Audit Services Provided in Arizona

Energy Audits ArizonaAn energy audit from FOR Energy is the key to making your Arizona home more comfortable and energy efficient. Valued at $500, FOR’s energy audit is competitively priced at $99, and it’s the most important $99 you will ever spend on your home. Our Energy Pros will help you discover any issues in your home that are causing energy loss and offer custom solutions that yield the best possible savings and get your home performing its best.

FOR’s approach is different in that we will take the time to walk you through our recommendations and your various options, as well as educate you about available rebates and tax credits. Following any work we perform, we’ll conduct a second, follow-up audit. You’ll also receive thorough reporting and a completion packet, along with an ENERGY STAR® certificate for home performance.

Services Provided by FOR Energy

Depending on what your Energy Pro discovers during your energy audit, our recommendation may comprise any combination of our services, including:

  • Adding or replacing attic insulation
  • Replacing some or all of your home’s windows
  • Installing low-E window film
  • Sealing your attic and/or ductwork
  • Installing solar PV panels
  • Switching to solar water heating

Our Service Area

FOR Energy offers energy audit services and efficiency work throughout Arizona, with happy customers in:


Are you ready to improve your Arizona home’s efficiency and get on the path to big savings? Contact the experts at FOR today. Give us a call at (480) 699-1481 or complete the form below to request a home energy audit.


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