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Installing Premium Solar Panels for Homeowners in Casa Grande, AZ

Solar Panels

If there’s one thing that you can count on in Casa Grande, Arizona, it’s that tomorrow will yield more bright and abundant sunshine. So, why aren’t you taking advantage of this free and plentiful natural resource? At FOR Energy, we believe that every desert dweller should be able to put the sunlight to good use. That’s why we install top-notch solar panels that convert the area’s abundant solar energy into electricity that you can use to power your home and save money on your monthly energy bills.

How Do Solar Panels Work?

A solar panel system consists of several photovoltaic cells, each made from two alternately charged silicon sheets which generate a small electric field when bound together. Metal conductive plates shape these cells into solar panels, which are connected to your home’s electrical system through a solar inverter. On a sunny day:

  1. Radiant solar energy dislodges electrons in the photovoltaic cells, which the small electric field pushes to metal conductive plates
  2. A wiring system captures the free electrons on the plates and channels them, in the form of direct current (DC) electricity, to the solar inverter
  3. The inverter transforms DC electricity into alternating current (AC) electricity, which flows through your home to power electronics and appliances

Oftentimes, a solar panel system generates more electricity than you can use in your house. In these instances, excess energy gets fed into the city’s grid to power other homes and businesses.

Solar Panels That Are Designed to Endure

The desert can be unforgiving, and contrary to popular belief, not all solar panels perform well in extremely hot, dusty environments. As Arizona natives, we have seen everything that this desert can throw at you—from record-breaking temperatures to the walls of dust driven into town by late-summer monsoons. We partner with industry-leading manufacturers in order to provide you with a solar panel system that can stand up to these weather extremes, boasting unmatched:

  • Durability – Designed to resist impact damage, particulate damage, and long-term exposure to high temperatures, these panels will endure summer after summer.
  • Efficiency – Consistently ranked amongst the top five most efficient solar panels on the market, these systems will convert as much sunshine as possible into energy you can use in your home.
  • Warranties – As a show of confidence in the functionality and longevity of their systems, our manufacturers protect your new solar panels with a 25-year warranty, providing you with peace of mind.

With solar panels like these on your home, you’ll get to enjoy monthly energy savings in no time. In fact, our Energy Pros can help you apply for relevant tax credits to get you saving almost immediately.

High-Caliber Installation Services

When you turn to FOR Energy for solar panel installation, you can rest assured that you’ll receive top-notch service. Before your project begins, our Energy Pros will visit your home and determine the optimal placement for your panels so that you can enjoy the greatest benefit from your system. Our highly trained and experienced installers will complete their work precisely and efficiently, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of your new solar panel system as soon as possible. These include:

  • Lower monthly energy bills
  • No fluctuations in energy prices
  • A smaller carbon footprint in your household

This, coupled with the fact that financing programs allow qualifying homeowners to pay no money out of pocket, makes solar panel installation an excellent choice for Arizona residents.



For Energy was phenomenal! I had them replace 3 windows at my condo that were old and weathered. Their team showed up on-time and did a fantastic job on the install. I was extremely pleased with their craftsmanship and I would highly recommend them anyone.

Greg Kraemer

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