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An Energy Audit Performed by the Pros at Your Chandler, AZ, Home

Energy Audit Chandler AZ

Ask any Chandler resident how to deal with the blistering Arizona summers and they’ll give you the same answer: Turn the air conditioning up and hunker down indoors. However, if high SRP or APS bills make this coping mechanism prohibitively expensive, then it may be time to invest in an energy audit so that you can improve the energy efficiency of your home. There’s no doubt about it—an energy-efficient home is better for the environment, more comfortable to live in, and much easier on the wallet. To ensure that your house is performing its best, the smartest thing you can do is turn to the local experts at FOR Energy for a home energy audit. Proudly serving residents of Chandler and nearby communities, FOR is the trusted local expert in residential energy conservation.

What’s Included in a Home Energy Audit?

When we perform an energy audit, we want to make sure that we’re getting an accurate and comprehensive understanding of your house’s current performance. That’s why our trusty Energy Pros will thoroughly examine your Chandler home, from the peak of your roof to the base of your garage door. In order to gather concrete data on energy performance in your residence, we’ll also use thermal imaging technology and perform a number of tests during your home energy audit, including a:

  • Blower door test
  • Combustion appliance zone test
  • Room pressure test
  • Whole home leakage test
  • Pressure pan test

Want to know the best part? When you partner with FOR Energy for your audit, we offer all of this testing—an estimated $499 value—for the low price of $99! We’ll even generate a personalized report for your records, complete with pictures of your attic insulation, ductwork, or other inefficient areas in hard-to-access parts of your home.

If you’re worried about making sense of the results of your energy audit, don’t be. We believe that improving the energy efficiency of your home with new insulation, windows, and other solutions should be easy, and a member of our team will sit down with you to explain all of our findings. We’ll even compare the results of our home energy audit to your electricity bills, showing you the connection between the inefficiency we’ve noted and the fees you pay each month.

Resolving Your Home’s Energy Efficiency Issues with FOR

When we’ve finished going over the findings of your energy audit, one of our Energy Pros will present you with a menu of solutions to improve the energy efficiency of your Chandler home. These solutions range from DIY projects to professional upgrades such as installing a solar panel system, and our team would be happy to work with you in order to determine which improvements will make the most impact while staying within your budget. Your individualized energy conservation plan may include any combination of the following of FOR’s specialty services:

We stand behind the quality of our work, and any of the work we perform can be inspected by a third party at no cost to you. Plus, if you complete our energy audit and services, your home will be certified for Home Performance with ENERGY STAR®. Contact FOR Energy today for more information about our solar panel installation and energy audit services.

“Absolutely Fantastic Company!!”


Absolutely Fantastic Company!! We cannot say enough about FOR Energy and our experience...from Sean, Reed, Ben, Jermaine the efficiency crew of Sergio, Andres, Jared, Ruben and Justin...they were all professional, experienced and knowledgeable about our entire process. They kept us informed through every step and answered any questions we had as they came up. If you are thinking of saving money on your energy bill with Solar Power...look no further than FOR Energy.

Jack Waldron

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