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Soak Up the Sunshine With Solar Panels in Chandler, AZ

Solar Panels Chandler, AZ

Nestled in the heart of the Valley of the Sun, Chandler homeowners know that solar energy is a resource they have in abundance. Since they live in an area with an average of 329 sunny days every year, installing solar panels on their homes just makes sense. Understandably, however, most homeowners worry about the installation process because they’re unsure how to integrate the new technology into their home’s existing electrical system.

Do you count yourself among these homeowners interested in going solar but unsure of how to do it? Fortunately, FOR Energy is here to help. Hailing from the valley ourselves, our Energy Pros are known across Arizona for their professionalism, timeliness, and the quality of their service. Couple that with the fact that we source our solar panels and inverters from brands globally recognized for their excellence, and the choice is clear: FOR Energy is the best company for installing a solar panel system on your Chandler home.

How Do Solar Panels Work?

At FOR Energy, we believe in empowering you to make the best possible decision to improve your home’s energy efficiency. This involves answering any questions our customers have, including the ever common: How do solar panels work?

Solar panels consist of a collection of photovoltaic cells: two slices of oppositely charged silicon sandwiched together between metal conductive plates. These cells maintain their own minor electrical field. So, when your solar panel system is turned on:

  1. Sunlight photons interact with the photovoltaic cells, knocking electrons free from their bonds
  2. The minor electrical field pushes these freed electrons to the conductive plates, which transfer them to wires
  3. The wires carry the electrons as direct current (DC) electricity to a solar inverter
  4. The solar inverter transforms the DC electricity into alternating current (AC) electricity, which you can use throughout your home

Do you have more questions? Don’t worry—you don’t need an advanced degree to understand how your new solar panel system will generate energy for your Chandler home. Instead, our Energy Pros will take the time to answer all of your questions before solar panel installation begins.

FOR Energy’s Process

At FOR Energy, we’ve designed our solar consultation and installation process around homeowners like you. While other companies might rush things and keep their clients in the dark, we take pains to enlighten you every step of the way as we install your new solar panels:

  • Every installation begins by reviewing your energy bill, allowing our Energy Pros to sit down and talk you through the nuances of your current energy usage.
  • Before installing any equipment, we walk through our proposed approach and discuss your estimated energy savings so that you understand what’s going on. We’ll even recommend benefits that you can apply for to lower the cost of your new solar panels.
  • We install panels and parts on your home that come from companies established as global leaders in their fields and are backed by some of the best warranties available, for up to 25 years of coverage!

With service like this, it’s no wonder that FOR Energy is one of the most beloved solar energy companies in the Chandler area on sites like Yelp and Facebook, with a true five-star reputation.


Are you ready to start soaking up sunshine with your new solar panels? Contact FOR Energy today by calling (480) 699-1481 or filling out our convenient online form to learn about how we can help you move your Chandler, AZ, towards a more energy-efficient future.


"Great Support from The FOR ENERGY MANAGEMENT,.....The Installion Crew was Awesome....and The FRONT OFFICE was very prompt on Status Calls......The Local Communications with VALLEY ELECTRIC in Pahrump, Nevada was on time.....THE COMPUTER WORK and PAPERWORK,...For acquiring Solar Permits and Plans for NYE COUNTY NEVADA was Phenomenal Conducted by Sales People at FOR ENERGY MANAGEMENT.....5 stars,....and I am very happy With THE WEBSITE that tracks My Power usage through-out the year......Excellent Efforts....again 5 stars..... Thanks

Danny Wolf

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