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Installing Window Film Helps Homeowners in Chandler, AZ Control the Light

Window Film Chandler AZ

In the desert, inefficient windows often lead to uncomfortable indoor temperatures and higher energy bills as homeowners attempt to compensate for hot rooms and sun-bleached carpets, walls, and furniture. Replacing home windows isn’t always a feasible solution to this problem, which is why many Chandler, Arizona, homeowners turn to window film as a solution to their home’s energy inefficiency. At FOR Energy, we install top-of-the-line window film that can help keep things cool indoors and provide UV protection, which can lower monthly energy bills in turn.

Innovative Window Film

When most people think of window film, they imagine uncomfortably dark windows that peel and bubble at the edges. However, innovations in the window film industry allow modern homeowners to reduce thermal transfer and obtain UV protection without sacrificing aesthetics or views. FOR Energy installs window film that:

  • Can block up to 80% of solar heat and up to 99% of damaging ultraviolet rays, keeping your home at a comfortable temperature and protecting your belongings from solar bleaching
  • Cuts down on light glare, allowing you to watch television or use your screened smart devices without moving out of the daylight
  • Comes in a variety of tints ─ including warm earth tones, bright silvers, soft grays, and near-clear neutrals ─ that provide you control over the quality of light entering your home

Furthermore, our specially trained Energy Pros will ensure that your window film is installed correctly, preventing peeling or bubbling and allowing you to enjoy crystal clear views for years to come. Our meticulous installation practices and dedication to providing excellent customer service allow us to maintain a sterling 5-star reputation in Chandler, AZ.


Would you like to maximize your windows’ energy efficiency while maintaining the light? Let FOR Energy help by installing window film that provides your Chandler, AZ home with thermal and UV protection. Give us a call at (480) 699-1481 or fill out the convenient form below.


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