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The Solar Panel Company Making Clean Energy Easy for Gilbert, AZ, Homeowners

As solar energy becomes a more popular option for homeowners in Gilbert, Arizona, and beyond, you’re likely seeing more advertisements for local solar panel companies than ever before. And if they’ve helped you decide that you want to switch to renewable energy to power your home, that’s great! We just hope that you’ve learned something about solar power from those ads.Solar panels on home roof

A problem many homeowners face is that plenty of solar panel companies are just trying to make a buck. The best decision anyone can make when hiring a company for solar panel installation is to pick one that won’t leave customers in the dark. In Gilbert, FOR Energy fits the description! We’re a solar panel company with an emphasis on customer education—after all, the more you know about any product or service you’re investing your hard-earned money in, the more power you have to make the best choice for yourself.

A Crash Course on Solar Panels

Solar panel companies have likely pitched you on all the benefits of using their products. But did they ever tell you how their stuff actually works? We will! Here’s a quick rundown of the solar energy generation process:

  • Sunlight hits photovoltaic cells on a solar panel, which generates electrons.
  • The cells’ electrical field pushes these electrons toward metal plates, which creates direct current (DC) electricity.
  • The DC electricity is carried by wires from the metal plates to the solar inverter, where it becomes alternating current (AC) electricity.

That AC electricity is then used to power your home. It’s that simple! Of course, there is plenty more to learn about the intricacies of solar power—and our Energy Pros will be happy to answer any and all questions you have about this incredible process.

Looking Out FOR You

At FOR Energy, we pride ourselves on providing five-star customer service. Unlike other solar panel companies, we’ll:

  • Provide you with custom plans for your solar panels and projected energy savings based on research of your property and current energy bills
  • Help you find state and federal incentives that could lower your installation costs

Contact FOR Energy today to schedule your free consultation. We proudly serve Gilbert, AZ, and all nearby neighborhoods.

“Picking FOR Energy to design, coordinate and install was the best company choice for us”


We are so excited to have installed Solar in our newly built home. Our energy savings have been incredible and will allow us to retire without the fear of escalating utility costs. Picking FOR Energy to design, coordinate and install was the best company choice for us. Once we met Sean, his knowledge, expertise and customer service were beyond our expectations and made the experience great.

Donna Manelis

Helping People with Energy Solutions for Over 12 Years

For over 12 years, we have helped thousands of families get the best value for their money

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