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Energy Audit Glendale

During Arizona’s sweltering summer months, an energy-efficient home can mean the difference between relaxing in the cool indoors and feeling like you’re slow roasting in a house-sized oven. However, many older homes in Glendale lack the energy efficiency necessary to keep residents comfy and monthly energy bills low. That’s why you need to invest in a home energy audit, and FOR Energy is more than happy to help. Our local experts have seen everything that the Valley of the Sun can throw at you, and we’d be happy to use the data gathered during our energy audit to provide you with custom solutions designed to improve the thermal performance of your home.

What Does a Home Energy Audit Involve?

At FOR Energy, we embrace the idea that home energy efficiency upgrades should have a tangible effect on your comfort and a measurable impact on your monthly bills. After all, the stakes are too high in the desert to invest in one-size-fits-all energy solutions that may or may not work. So, we like to perform a thorough energy audit before recommending any professional upgrades or DIY projects.

During your home energy audit, a team of trusty Energy Pros will visit your residence and conduct a thorough assessment. We’ll look for inefficiency in your:

  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Garage
  • Ductwork
  • Insulation
  • HVAC system
  • Water heater
  • Thermostat
  • Roofing

In addition to evaluating the performance of these common points of energy loss, our team will use cutting-edge technology and perform a number of tests in order to gather hard data on your home’s current energy situation. Thermal imaging technology will allow us to determine whether your insultation may be faulty, while a blower door test will indicate where cool air is leaking from your home. We’ll also check whether your house is a viable candidate for solar panel installation, which stands to provide you with abundant free energy.

When we’ve finished your home energy audit, we’ll compile all of the data we gathered into an easy-to-read report, complete with pictures of our findings. A member of our team will go over this information with you, pointing out how each area of inefficiency is specifically affecting your monthly energy bills. We’ll also recommend a variety of solutions to improve these weak points, allowing you to customize your home energy efficiency upgrades to fit into your budget.

Energy Conservation Services by FOR

Depending on what our Energy Pros discover during your energy audit, they’ll recommend solutions custom-tailored to improve your home’s performance. This may include one or more of the following:

Don’t worry about feeling overwhelmed during this process—our team will take the time to make sure you completely understand the benefits of our products and services so that you aren’t pressured into investing in home upgrades you don’t actually want. We’ll also help you apply for any applicable tax credits, making your home energy efficiency improvements more affordable.

Additionally, you can feel confident knowing that any work we perform can be inspected by a third party at no cost to you. We will ensure that any work done following your energy audit performs properly and gives you positive results. In fact, every homeowner who completes our process will receive an ENERGY STAR® certificate for home performance.

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FOR Energy was so professional in their installation on our solar panels. Even though I was away for work they were able to communicate and install the system in record time. I would definitely recommend them for others to use to install solar for their homes. All of my questions were answered wonderfully.

Gregory Harston

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