Offering Insulation Solutions to Homeowners in Laveen, AZ


Any desert dweller knows the importance of high-performing insulation. This unseen home feature plays a crucial role in keeping you comfortable indoors regardless of blistering summertime temperatures. If your Laveen, Arizona, house has old or worn-out insulation, however, it may not be getting the protection it needs. Luckily, FOR Energy can help. Our team of Energy Pros will evaluate your home’s current situation before installing the best eco-friendly insulation to improve energy efficiency and keep you perfectly comfortable no matter the temperature outside.

A Proven Process

As one of Arizona’s foremost energy experts, we want to make sure that the efficiency upgrades we provide offer real value to homeowners. That’s why we examine insulation throughout your home—including in the attic, walls, flooring, and on your exterior water pipes—and use a proven approach to give you the best recommendations for your insulation upgrade. During our data-driven process, we’ll:

  • Thoroughly evaluate the state of your home’s current insulation—even performing a whole-home energy audit if you desire
  • Explain our findings and propose several solutions at varying price points to find what would work best for you
  • Retrofit your home with new energy-efficient insulation that will help maintain consistent indoor temperatures

Not only does our process ensure your efficiency upgrades will make a notable impact on your monthly energy bills, but it also puts you in control of what happens in your home. This makes your insulation installation a stress-free experience.

Installing Top-Shelf Insulation

At FOR Energy, we understand that updating your insulation is a project you only want to undertake once. That’s why we use industry-leading products capable of providing protection against thermal transfer for decades. Additionally, the cellulose insulation we use during an installation project:

  • Resists fire up to 57% better than other common types of residential insulation, keeping you and your loved ones safe
  • Absorbs sound to keep things quieter in your living areas, a tendency particularly useful for those living near major thoroughfares like Baseline Road and Loop 202
  • Contains no harmful chemicals like formaldehyde and asbestos, so you don’t need to worry about how this product will impact your health

Additionally, this cellulose insulation consists of up to 85% recycled materials from local sources. This, coupled with the fact that it was manufactured right here in the Valley of the Sun, makes the insulation we install a smart choice for the environment and your pocketbook.

High-Caliber Service

When you allow FOR Energy to upgrade the insulation in your home, you can rest easy knowing that you’ll receive the red-carpet treatment from our team of Energy Pros. Our friendly crew boasts special training and extensive experience. This allows us to complete most insulation installation projects in under a day. We always clean up after ourselves before we leave your home, allowing you to relax and enjoy cooler indoor temperatures immediately. Our commitment to providing high-performing energy solutions and top-shelf service is part of the reason we maintain a sterling 5-star reputation on sites like Facebook, Google, and Yelp!


Don’t let the desert heat get you down. Instead, contact FOR Energy today by calling (480) 699-1481 or filling out the convenient form below. We’d be happy to tell you more about the insulation we can install in your Laveen, AZ, home.


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