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Are you concerned about the energy efficiency of your Mesa home? Do you repeatedly pay high energy bills? Are certain rooms in your home uncomfortably warm compared to the rest of the house? Consider having the experts at FOR Energy perform an energy audit at your Arizona home.

Our Energy Pros can identify and resolve any issues that are affecting your home’s energy efficiency. By making your home more energy efficient, you can begin to enjoy year-round comfort, regular energy savings, and an overall reduced carbon footprint.

What Does a Home Energy Audit Involve?

While our team offers a complimentary home energy checkup—during which we will examine the different parts of your house to see what may be contributing to energy loss—our whole-home audit can reveal opportunities for exceptional savings to Mesa residents like you. In addition to evaluating the performance of your doors, windows, HVAC system, roof, and appliances during a home energy audit, our Energy Pros will use thermal imaging technology and perform a number of tests. These include:

  • Blower door testing
  • Combustion appliance zone testing
  • Room pressure testing
  • Whole-home leakage testing
  • Pressure pan testing

Using the data gathered during this rigorous testing, our team will put together a comprehensive report outlining the energy performance of your home. We won’t just leave you to wade through all of this information on your own, though—one of our Energy Pros will explain our findings to you, identifying how the areas of inefficiency we find are specifically impacting your monthly bills.

We’ll also make recommendations for home improvements based on the results of your home energy audit. You don’t have to worry about a salesman trying to upsell expensive solutions to imaginary problems—our primary goal remains improving the energy efficiency of your Mesa home, and we perform a variety of upgrades at price points that are sure to work for any budget.

Our Energy-Saving Services

In order to provide you with energy-efficiency upgrades you can feel and which will have a tangible effect on your monthly SRP or APS bills, we offer a wide selection of services. Based on what we find during your home energy audit, we may recommend:

No matter the services you require, you can rest easy knowing we partner with leading manufacturers. Whether you want to cut down on UV rays with window film or would like to make the leap to using solar energy in your Mesa home, we’ll install products capable of performing efficiently for years to come.

Following any work that our Energy Pros complete, we’ll conduct a secondary home energy audit to ensure that any products we’ve installed are performing properly. Our knowledgeable team can also help you understand any rebates and tax credits that you may qualify for.


Getting an energy audit from FOR Energy is the best possible thing you can do for your home. Contact us today at (480) 699-1481 or complete the form below to schedule an energy audit at your house in Mesa, AZ.


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