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Our Blown-In Insulation May be Just What Your Mesa, AZ, Home’s Attic Needs

Your attic isn’t just a place to store holiday decorations—it also has a major impact on your home’s energy efficiency. Did you know that roughly 25% of your home’s total energy losses happen up there? That’s why it’s a great place to look if you find yourself struggling to maintain a comfortable, consistent temperature in your Mesa, Arizona, home. And if you notice that your existing attic insulation is damaged, give FOR Energy a call. We install high-performing, blown-in insulation that offers an environmentally friendly way to seal up your attic and keep you from making too many trips to the thermostat.Attic being insulated

About Our Blown-In Insulation

If you’re unfamiliar with blown-in insulation, don’t worry—it’s pretty straightforward. This type of insulation is literally blown into your attic with a hose, and this plugs up all of the tiny cracks, gaps, and voids up there that allow air to pass through (which is how your home loses all of that energy from the attic). However, at FOR Energy, we don’t use the same type of insulation as many other local contractors. Our cellulose insulation is a great, eco-friendly alternative that’s made with recycled materials and offers some fire resistance. Without the presence of harmful chemicals that are often seen in blown-in insulation, our product is great for anyone looking to reduce their carbon footprint and get a healthier home.

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For Energy was phenomenal! I had them replace 3 windows at my condo that were old and weathered. Their team showed up on-time and did a fantastic job on the install. I was extremely pleased with their craftsmanship and I would highly recommend them anyone.

Greg Kraemer

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