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Having Trouble Cooling Your Peoria, AZ, Home? You May Need New Attic Insulation

When your Peoria home gets hotter inside than you’d like it to be, you might not think of your attic as the reason you’re not beating the heat. However, roughly 25% of a home’s energy loss occurs through the roof – and it gets worse over time as your attic insulation becomes less effective. The good news is that FOR Energy has just what you need to keep you and your HVAC system happy. We help local homeowners get their air conditioning back under control by replacing outdated insulation with high-performance cellulose insulation.Attic being insulated

How an Insulation Update Helps You

Arizona attics often have blown-in insulation, which works a lot like a thick thermal blanket that covers up cracks and voids to better keep cool air from getting out of your home. FOR Energy’s cellulose insulation offers plenty of benefits beyond just keeping your home comfortable:

  • While some competitors install attic insulation made with asbestos, formaldehyde, or other substances you really wouldn’t want to breathe in, ours is made only from recycled materials.
  • With a Class 1A fire rating, our attic insulation gives you the highest possible level of fire resistance.
  • When cool air can escape your home through its roof, hot air may not be the only thing coming in – you’ll also hear more outside noise. Luckily, our insulation can dampen that so you can relax in peace and quiet.

Step away from the thermostat, put the hand fan down, and stop wondering if there’s any room for you to fit in your fridge to cool down. FOR Energy’s attic insulation may be all that your Peoria, AZ, home needs to be comfortable again! Reach out to us today to learn more about our services and set up your consultation.

“I recommend FOR ENERGY! They were awesome!”


The For Energy Company replaced old windows, sealed up cracks and outlets, put tint on the back windows and tested the air flow before and after. It showed a large improvement that I'm very satisfied with. I recommend FOR ENERGY! They were awesome!

Elizabeth Valdez-Duenas

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