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Professionally Installed Window Film for Improved Energy Efficiency at Your Home or Business in Peoria, AZ

Window Film Peoria AZHaving solar window film installed is a cost-effective alternative to complete window replacement. FOR Energy is a local energy company, trusted by Peoria homeowners and business owners alike for the professional installation of energy-conserving products.

How Solar Film Affects Your Windows

FOR Energy’s window film is a special solar-control coating that works by reflecting the sun’s radiant heat and reducing thermal transfer. This helps keep the outside temperatures out and the inside temperatures in, without your HVAC system working unnecessarily hard. Essentially, applying window film is like transforming your windows’ glass into higher-performing, low-E glass.

Window Film Benefits

Because of the reduced thermal transfer, window film will help maintain consistent indoor comfort, year-round. Plus, with less strain on your HVAC system, you’ll be using less energy to maintain those indoor temperatures, which can mean significant savings on your monthly energy bills.

In addition to its energy-related benefits, window film also reduces glare. And, by blocking out the sun’s damaging UV radiation, your interior furnishings and décor won’t fade so quickly.

Professional Installation from the Energy Pros

FOR’s Energy Pros are specially trained in proper installation techniques for solar-control window film. They will ensure that its application looks seamless and will provide optimal performance for years to come.


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