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Whether it’s in your walls, flooring, or attic, your insulation enhances the energy efficiency of your home—lowering cooling and heating costs. It also plays an important role in keeping you comfy indoors, making it more important than ever as the Arizona summers drag on. When updating your insulation, then, you have a lot to consider. At FOR Energy, we’ll assist you with insulation installation at your Phoenix-area home, ensuring your home upgrade provides the best possible performance.

Our Premium Home Insulation

In order to guarantee your new insulation performs optimally during the most blistering summer days and coldest winter nights, we partner with leading manufacturers in order to offer you the best products. Our cellulose attic insulation boasts outstanding R-values—indicating a resistance to conducting heat—and superior energy efficiency.

In addition to keeping your home cooler (or warmer on those rare, chilly days), our insulation provides a battery of other benefits, like:

  • Reduced outdoor noise infiltration
  • A Class 1 fire rating for better-than-average fire resistance
  • Material that’s free from harmful substances like formaldehyde or asbestos

Additionally, our insulation is manufactured from up to 85% recycled materials right here in the Valley of the Sun. This means that you can rest easy knowing you’re keeping your carbon footprint low by investing in blown-in floor, wall, or attic insulation that didn’t have to travel far to reach its final destination. And, you’ll be supporting local business to boot.

Insulation Installation

At FOR Energy, we believe that insulation installation shouldn’t upend your daily life. Our Energy Pros will go out of their way to ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible for you. This starts during your initial consultation when our experts will thoroughly examine your home’s insulation to determine which updates will provide the most value.

We’ll supplement our written report with pictures of your current insulation in order to support our findings—and keep you from having to climb around in a hot attic to examine your insulation yourself. If you have any questions, one of our Energy Pros would be happy to answer them. We believe you should never feel out of control when it comes to what’s happening in your home, and we’ll gladly provide you with all of the information you need in order to make informed decisions regarding insulation installation.

On installation day, our friendly team will arrive on time and work diligently to remove your old insulation and install your new insulation in an expedient manner. We can complete most projects in under a day, and we’ll take care to clean up after ourselves so that you can get back to your routines as quickly as possible. We’ll also follow up with you a few days after your project to ensure your insulation upgrade is keeping you pleasantly comfy indoors.

Get the Ultimate Energy Savings with Attic Sealing

If you want to get the best energy savings from your new insulation, we highly recommend ensuring the attic is properly sealed from air leaks. FOR’s Energy Pros are highly experienced and can provide these services when installing your insulation.

“Very nice company, friendly staff, quick clean work made us feel safe in these covid times. Very informative and respond to questions in a timely manner.”
“The crew was clean and respectful. I was surprised how efficient they were. My SRP bill has already gone down from last year and we had record heat this month!”
“The things you learn about your home with an energy audit! I had no idea how underperforming my house was until Luke showed up. He took the time to walk me through my homes energy efficiency and how to fix it.”
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