Ready to Go Green? Have Solar Panels Installed at Your Scottsdale Home

Solar Panels Scottsdale AZWhen it comes to going green, one thing is for certain: Generating your Scottsdale home’s energy with solar panels is one of the best ways to reduce your carbon footprint. As a natural resource, solar energy is fully sustainable. Plus, according to the EPA, a two-person household can reduce their carbon emissions by three to four tons annually by having solar panels installed.

In the Scottsdale area, the company to rely on for help going green is FOR Energy. Our Energy Pros are the area’s most trusted experts – they will be happy to visit your home for a consultation and help you find the best options to suit your needs.

Are Solar Panels Worth the Cost?

The answer to this common question is simple: Yes, solar panels are absolutely worth any upfront expense. Consider the following:

  • Various programs are available for financing the cost of solar panels, allowing you to get them installed for little to no money out of pocket.
  • Solar panels can drastically reduce your monthly energy bill (typically more than enough to compensate for monthly payments if you finance the purchase of the panels).
  • Homeowners who have solar panels installed can qualify for rebates and federal tax credits, which can be used to help cover some of the initial cost.
  • Solar panels have a long lifespan – up to 40 years – providing great value for their cost.
  • Little to no maintenance is required to keep solar panels at optimal performance.
  • Studies have shown that a solar energy system can increase the overall value of a home.


Are you interested in having solar panels installed? Call FOR Energy at (480) 699-1481 today or complete the convenient form below to set up a consultation at your Glendale home.


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