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Updating Your Attic Insulation Could Help Shrink Your Sun City West, AZ, Home’s Energy Bills

When was the last time you had your attic insulation replaced? If you haven’t thought about it in a long time, you’re far from alone—after all, if any part of your Sun City West, Arizona, home fits the old saying, “out of sight, out of mind,” it’s probably the attic. But if you’re experiencing rising monthly energy bills, that may be the first place you need to look. FOR Energy’s attic insulation service can help bring your bills back down to earth and keep your home at a consistently comfortable temperature!Attic being insulated

Why Your Attic Insulation Affects Your Energy Bills

Many Arizona homes use blown-in attic insulation to fill up all of the cracks, voids, and gaps that air tends to escape through. In fact, the attic is where around a quarter of your home’s energy is lost. That’s why it’s important to not only invest in top-notch insulation but also to keep an eye out for signs of damage and deterioration.

At FOR Energy, we fix this problem with our high-performing cellulose insulation. It’s made with an eco-friendly mixture of recycled materials—unlike other attic insulation products that sometimes contain harmful chemicals like asbestos and formaldehyde—and will seal your attic right up. What’s more, it also features some fire resistance for added protection in your attic.

The Right Attic Insulation Company FOR the Job

Do you think it’s time to update your home’s attic insulation? FOR Energy is here for you! We’ll be happy to install new insulation at your Sun City West, AZ, home, and we can also perform an energy audit to see if there are other ways in which you can bring your monthly heating and cooling costs down. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

“Picking FOR Energy to design, coordinate and install was the best company choice for us”


We are so excited to have installed Solar in our newly built home. Our energy savings have been incredible and will allow us to retire without the fear of escalating utility costs. Picking FOR Energy to design, coordinate and install was the best company choice for us. Once we met Sean, his knowledge, expertise and customer service were beyond our expectations and made the experience great.

Donna Manelis

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For over 12 years, we have helped thousands of families get the best value for their money

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