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Solar Panels for Your Home in Sun City West, AZ May Be More Affordable Than You Think

Solar Panels Sun City West AZ

Central Arizona experiences an average of 329 sunny days every year. If you own a home in Sun City West, you’re perfectly situated to put this abundance of sunshine to use. Solar panels offer you an environmentally sustainable way to supplement the energy your household consumes while saving you money on your monthly energy bills. As one of Arizona’s highest-ranking solar companies, FOR Energy is the best choice to help your household take advantage of solar energy by installing a solar panel system on your Sun City West home.

How Many Solar Panels Do I Need?

There’s a reason the Phoenix metro area is commonly referred to as the Valley of the Sun—natural light is one of our most plentiful resources. If you want a solar panel system for your home, you don’t need to question whether you have access to enough solar energy to make your investment worthwhile. Instead, you’re probably wondering how many solar panels you need in order to take full advantage of the sunshine.

Before solar panel installation begins, we’ll send a team of Energy Pros to your house in order to ascertain which part of your property has the most consistent access to sunshine. For the vast majority of Sun City West residents, solar panels perform optimally on the roofs of their homes. A member of our team will also examine several of your monthly APS bills. In order to determine how many solar panels you’ll need, we’ll look at:

  • Your household’s hourly energy requirement
  • The number of peak sunlight hours in Sun City West
  • The wattage of our PV panels
  • The size of your roof

If the thought of using all of these numbers to calculate solar panel requirements makes your head spin, there’s no need for you to worry. At FOR Energy, we go above and beyond in order to make transitioning to solar as simple as possible. Our highly experienced Energy Pros will crunch the numbers for you before presenting a plan for your solar panel system that includes the number of individual panels necessary to power your home. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have as well, so that you’re never unsure of what’s happening on your home.

Paying for Your Solar Panels

Solar panel systems save you money on your monthly energy bills and offer you protection from the rising cost of electricity. However, some homeowners may raise concerns regarding solar panel installation costs. Fortunately, FOR’s Energy Pros can help you find ways to lower any out-of-pocket expenses, including:

  • Federal and state tax credits – Both federal and state governments offer incentives for installing a renewable energy system, which can cover up to 30% of installation costs.
  • Financing options – If you have a qualifying credit score, there are many programs that can help you finance your solar panels for little to no money out-of-pocket.
  • Leasing options – If purchasing solar panels is out of your reach, you can lease the system instead and still enjoy all of the benefits that accompany an alternative energy source.

When it comes time to install your solar panel system, FOR Energy offers service you can trust. We source our PV panels from companies whose products are globally recognized for their efficiency and durability. Furthermore, our customer service has earned us a five-star reputation on sites like Yelp, Facebook, and Google. This, in turn, has placed FOR Energy on INC. 5000’s list of fastest-growing companies in the United States.

“We would highly recommend this company to anyone considering an install!”


We recently contracted with FOR Energy to install a solar system for our home. Sean was tremendous in explaining how the system worked and all the associated process for the install, which went without any problems and would be considered very "user friendly". We would highly recommend this company to anyone considering an install!

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