Window Film

Window Film Allows Sun City West, AZ, Homeowners to Beat the Heat

Window Film

The desert sunshine throws the rugged beauty of Arizona into sharp relief and paints the sky dramatic shades of orange and purple when the sun sets. However, when it streams unfiltered through the windows of your home in Sun City West, Arizona, it can also bleach your furniture and cause indoor temperatures to climb. At FOR Energy, we believe that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice the beautiful desert light in order to keep your home comfortable and energy efficient. That’s why we install premium window film homeowners, keeping harmful UV rays out of your house while allowing you to enjoy the bright desert views.

High-Performing Style

Many people associate window film with the bubbling, purplish tint found in older homes. However, recent innovations allow modern window film to improve your home’s energy efficiency without sacrificing its aesthetics. The film that we install blocks:

  • Up to 80% of solar heat gain
  • Up to 99% of damaging UV rays
  • Light glare that affects screened devices

It also comes in a variety of tints—including bright silvers, soft grays, warm earth tones, and near-clear neutrals—allowing you to control the visual temperature of the light in your house.

Unparalleled Service

We provide our highly experienced Energy Pros with special training, allowing them to ensure your window film adheres securely to your windows without bubbling or peeling. When we install window film at your home, you can rest assured that it will look like a natural part of your windows. And you don’t have to take our word for it—we maintain a sterling 5-star reputation on sites like Google and Yelp!


Don’t sacrifice the light in order to ensure your windows’ energy efficiency. Contact FOR Energy today to learn more about the window film that we can install at your home in Sun City West, AZ. You can give us a call at (480) 699-1481, or you can fill out the convenient form below.


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