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When the summer heat makes the air shimmer over asphalt streets and the red liquid in your patio thermometer to climb, you want nothing more than to retreat into your air-conditioned Sun City house to wait out the oppressive temperatures. But unless your Arizona home embodies energy efficiency, you may find yourself paying through the nose just to get some relief. Would you like to cut down on energy costs this summer without sacrificing comfort? Get a professional energy audit, performed by the experts at FOR Energy. A home energy audit costs less than you may think, and it’s the most important money you could ever put into your home. Why? During an energy audit, our team will get to the bottom of your home’s efficiency problems once and for all and help you pinpoint the changes you can make that will lead to significant savings.

What Does an Energy Audit Involve?

During a whole-home energy audit, a team of our trusty Energy Pros will perform a thorough inspection of your house, looking for any areas where we can improve energy efficiency. We’ll inspect your:

  • Garage
  • Windows and doors
  • Thermostat
  • HVAC system
  • Ducts
  • Insulation
  • Roofing system

As we evaluate your home, our team will use thermal imaging technology and perform several tests—like a room pressure test or a whole-home energy leakage test—in order to gather concrete data on the current performance of your Sun City residence. We’ll look specifically for areas where thermal transfer or inefficient appliances may be causing your monthly APS bills to climb.

When we’ve finished performing your energy audit, our team will put together a personalized report of our findings, complete with pictures of any issues we discovered in hard-to-access areas like your attic. Don’t worry about having to make sense of a complicated report on your own, though—one of our Energy Pros will present our findings to you and explain how they specifically impact your monthly bills. We’ll also present you with a menu of solutions for improving the energy efficiency of your home, allowing you to choose upgrades such as windows or insulation that maximize energy performance while fitting into your budget.

FOR Energy’s Services

Our trusty Energy Pros would be happy to address any efficiency issues discovered during a home energy audit. We offer the following services to Sun City homeowners:

Homeowners who follow our energy audit process through to completion receive an ENERGY STAR® certificate for home performance. We stand by the quality of all the work we perform, holding ourselves to very high standards of excellence. In fact, any work that we do can be inspected by a third party at no additional cost.

Contact FOR Energy today to learn more about our energy audit and solar panel installation services.

“Very nice company, friendly staff, quick clean work made us feel safe in these covid times. Very informative and respond to questions in a timely manner.”
“The crew was clean and respectful. I was surprised how efficient they were. My SRP bill has already gone down from last year and we had record heat this month!”
“The things you learn about your home with an energy audit! I had no idea how underperforming my house was until Luke showed up. He took the time to walk me through my homes energy efficiency and how to fix it.”
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