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Have an Energy Audit Performed to Pinpoint the Inefficiency Issues at Your Home in Surprise, AZ

Energy Audit Surprise AZSeeing high energy bills month after month is so frustrating. But, while Surprise, Arizona’s, region is known for having high energy rates, there are so many other issues that could be causing poor energy efficiency at your home and contributing to those rising totals on your bills. The best way to accurately identify and address your home’s problem areas is to have a professional energy audit performed.

FOR Energy’s Energy Audit

FOR is a local energy company offering homeowners in Surprise comprehensive energy audit services. Using a variety of scientific testing methods including blower tests, thermal imaging, combustion appliance zone tests, pressure tests, and whole-home leakage tests, FOR’s Energy Pros will review your utility bills and conduct a thorough assessment of your home. Our energy audit includes a full personalized report with pictures and recommendations for correcting any issues that we find, from the windows to the attic insulation.

Our energy audit will also include:

  • Complimentary viability and design for solar panel installation
  • Education about tax credits and rebates
  • DIY recommendations
  • HSFIR reports
  • ENERGY STAR® certification for home performance

FOR’s Efficiency Work

Any problems our team finds during your energy audit can be resolved with our wide range of services, which include:

For your peace of mind, we follow up any work we do with testing to ensure it is effectively working to improve your home’s efficiency. Plus, you can have third-party testing performed at no additional cost.

“For Energy was willing to work with me to get the best deal”


For Energy came out to my house late 2019 and discussed my interest in installing solar panels. Their sales team was professional and friendly, and took the time to answer all my questions. I looked at competitive offers around the valley and For Energy was willing to work with me to get the best deal. Now my system is installed and operating and they have been a real pleasure to work with. They stayed in contact with me throughout the process and even came out to my house to walk me through the system once it was installed. I had a great experience with this company would highly recommend them.**Update: We had FOR Energy come back out and seal our Attic and put down insulation. They continued to be professional and we really like their holistic approach to our energy needs. Highly recommend!

Julia Lewis

Helping People with Energy Solutions for Over 12 Years

For over 12 years, we have helped thousands of families get the best value for their money

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