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Replacement Windows That Improve Energy Efficiency in Surprise, AZ

Replacement Windows Surprise

When you purchase replacement windows for your Surprise, Arizona, home, you want to make sure that they maximize views. Arizona possesses a rugged beauty and abundant natural light, which means that the right windows can make any home feel spacious. Of course, the wrong type of windows can lead to spikes in energy bills as desert heat makes its way indoors.

At FOR Energy, we know that your replacement windows must marry beauty and energy efficiency. This is why we install insulated windows that can save you money on your monthly energy bills while opening your home to spacious views.

Designed for Desert Heat

Improving your windows’ efficiency requires more than simply finding well-made products. Your replacement windows’ design should address your specific climate. After all, Arizona summers require a different sort of insulation than Minnesota winters, and many desert dwellers want to maintain their home’s expansive views.

When FOR Energy installs replacement windows at your home, you can rest assured that every element of these windows was designed to withstand the desert heat. In such a climate, manufacturers pay special attention to the glass, incorporating features like:

  • Multi-pane construction, which provides a greater barrier between your home and the outdoors and reduces thermal transfer
  • Low-E glass coating, which greatly reduces the amount of UV rays entering your home and protects your carpets and furniture from fading
  • Inter-pane argon or krypton gas fill, which gives your windows an additional level of insulation and prevents internal condensation from ruining your views.

Narrow, customizable frames make the most of this energy efficient glass while maintaining maximum visibility. Best of all, these replacement windows come protected by a double-lifetime limited warranty, which protects your investment and can provide your home with resale value.


Are you ready for your replacement windows to keep your home cooler while opening it to beautiful views? Contact FOR Energy today by calling (480) 699-1481 or filling out the convenient form below. Be sure to ask about how our home energy audits can ensure that the rest of your Surprise, AZ, home is as efficient as your replacement windows.


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