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The Solar Panel Company Making the Switch to Clean Energy Simple for Surprise, AZ, Residents

Think of all the local solar panel companies that you’ve seen advertisements for lately. Maybe you saw some billboards, television commercials, or internet ads. Perhaps you’ve even gotten some flyers in the mail. No matter what, they all say the same thing: “Buy our panels and switch to solar power for your home!” But, what did you actually learn from them?

At FOR Energy, we strive to be different from all of the other solar panel companies serving Surprise, Arizona, residents. We’re not just focused on making a sale—we’re driven to educate the community about exactly how solar power works and what it can do to help you!

A Quick Primer on Solar Power

Let’s start with the solar energy conversion process. You already know the bare-bones version of how this works: Solar panels absorb sunlight and use it to create electricity that can power your home. Here’s a closer look at this fantastic process:

  • Electrons are generated when sunlight hits a solar panel’s cells.
  • These electrons are pushed toward metal plates by the cells’ electrical field, and this creates direct current (DC) electricity.
  • DC electricity travels by wires to the solar inverter.
  • The solar inverter creates alternating current (AC) electricity.
  • You are able to use the AC electricity at your home.

Simple, right? Here’s more good news: There is plenty more out there for you to learn about, and our team of Energy Pros will gladly answer any questions you have about solar power!

The Solar Panel Company of Choice in Surprise

What else separates FOR Energy from the rest of the local solar panel companies out there? Besides our first-rate solar panels, it’s also our five-star customer service. Our team will work closely with you every step of the way through your solar panel installation project. We’ll use thorough research of your energy bills and property to design custom solar panel and energy savings plans, and we can even help you save on installation costs with any available state and federal incentives.

If solar power sounds like the best thing for your Surprise, AZ, home, contact FOR Energy today to schedule your free consultation.

“FOR Energy took care of everything and kept us updated at each step.”


Just had our solar panels installed and approved for use as of today. Couldn't be happier with the ease of the process. FOR Energy took care of everything and kept us updated at each step.

Amanda Estravit

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