Save Money in Surprise, AZ, With Solar Panels

Solar Panels Surprise AZ

High year-round temperatures and extreme weather events can cause energy bills in the Valley of the Sun to reach uncomfortable sums. So why not take advantage of the desert climate by using solar panels to turn sunlight into solar energy that can power your home? At FOR Energy, we install PV panels on homes in Surprise, AZ. These panels allow homeowners like you to save money on monthly energy bills and protect the environment with clean energy.

Solar Panels That Maximize Savings

In order to increase efficiency and maximize savings, FOR Energy installs solar panels manufactured by companies known for their commitment to excellence and innovation. Across the industry, individuals recognize these panels for their:

  • Efficiency ─ When it comes to converting solar energy into a useable electrical current, you want a system that will take full advantage of Arizona’s abundant sunlight. Our solar panels rank amongst the top 5 most efficient panels in the industry, providing you with ultimate value.
  • Durability ─ High temperatures and hostile weather can damage solar panels or lower their output. This is why we install PV panels with a proven track record when it comes to enduring the most hostile of climates, both in regards to heat and dust.
  • Warranties ─ Your solar panels represent an investment and deserve protection. The solar energy resources we install come backed by some of the best warranties in the industry which protect your panels for up to 25 years.

The best part? FOR Energy can help you take advantage of state and federal programs to help reduce the cost of your system. Our Energy Pros can help you apply for Arizona’s 25% solar tax credit, the federal solar tax credit, and any sales or property tax exemptions that you qualify for.


Would you like to make the Arizona sunshine work for you? Contact FOR Energy today to learn more about installing solar panels on your home in Surprise, AZ. You can drop us a line at (480) 699-1481 or fill out the convenient form below.


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