Window Film

Improve the Energy Efficiency of Your Surprise, AZ, Home With Premium Window Film

Window Film

The Arizona sunshine fills your home with exquisite golden light and turns the desert into a veritable artist’s paradise. Unfortunately, the sunlight streaming in through your windows can also raise indoor temperatures and bleach your walls, carpet, and furniture. If you need to find a solution to this common dilemma, then contact FOR Energy. As the area’s leading Energy Pros, we can install high-performance window film at your home in Surprise, Arizona, improving your windows’ energy efficiency and keeping you comfortable without sacrificing that beautiful desert sunlight.

Maximizing Energy Efficiency

Many homeowners believe that a window replacement project is the only way to improve their windows’ energy efficiency. However, we understand that window replacement may not prove feasible for every homeowner. That’s why we install high-performance window film, engineered to provide you with the window solutions you need, whether that’s reducing:

  • Thermal transfer by up to 80%
  • UV light infiltration by up to 99%
  • Light glare that keeps you from enjoying screened devices

Furthermore, with our customizable window film, you can also control the visual temperature of the light entering your home. In addition to near-clear neutral window film, our film can feature tints of warm gold, bright silver, or cool gray.

Precision Installation

Of course, even the highest-performing window film can become a liability when installed incorrectly. Luckily, you won’t encounter that problem when you partner with FOR Energy. Our highly experienced installers receive special training in order to ensure that your window film won’t bubble, crack, or peel around the edges after we adhere it to your windows. In fact, it will look like a natural part of your windows, serving as an asset to your home both in regards to energy efficiency and appearance.


Let FOR Energy help you make the most of the desert light while keeping your home in Surprise, AZ, energy efficient. Contact us today to learn more about our window film, either by calling us at (480) 699-1481 or filling out the convenient form below.


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