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Updating the Blown-In Insulation in Your Tempe, AZ, Home’s Attic Could Help You Save Money

Where’s the first place you’d think to look if you notice your home isn’t as energy efficient as it used to be? Most people would likely start with their windows and doors, as feeling the breeze of an unwanted draft is a pretty clear tell that something’s wrong. But what if they aren’t the problem? Here’s a pro tip: Check your attic insulation. And if it’s clearly seen better days, call FOR Energy for brand-new, blown-in insulation! We serve homeowners throughout Tempe, Arizona, and would be happy to help you cut down on your trips to the thermostat.Attic being insulated

What is Blown-In Insulation?

There are many ways to insulate an attic, though depending on what kind of climate you live in, some solutions work better than others. This is why many Arizona homes use blown-in insulation—which is quite literally blown into your attic, sealing up every little crack, void, and gap through which air could enter or escape. And while these may be small passageways, they see a lot of air movement. In fact, about a quarter of your home’s total energy loss occurs in your attic!

Our Premium Blown-In Insulation

FOR Energy installs high-performing cellulose insulation that brings plenty of benefits to your attic, including that it:

  • Is made from a blend of recycled materials
  • Does not contain harmful chemicals
  • Has fire-resistant properties

This blown-in insulation is an eco-friendly alternative to much of what’s on the market, yet it doesn’t lag behind similar products in terms of performance. It’s perfect for any home out here, but especially so for anyone looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

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If this blown-in insulation sounds like the best thing FOR your Tempe, AZ, home, let us know! Contact FOR Energy today to set up your consultation and learn more.

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