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Benefits of Solar

Why Choose Solar

Are you considering adding a house battery and solar panels? Rooftop solar panels and home batteries are now more readily available, affordable, durable, and effective than ever. We've compiled the top five advantages of solar energy.

Gives you control over your electricity

Home batteries and solar panels can provide independence from utility providers with predictable electric costs. This saves you money on peak electricity prices and offers dependable backup power in the event of grid failure.

Provides clean, renewable energy

Solar energy generated at home is clean, renewable, and emission-free. Home solar energy doesn't emit dangerous pollutants or greenhouse gas emissions, such carbon dioxide, into the air or water supply, unlike fossil fuels like coal and natural gas. 

Increases home value 

The increase in property value is another benefit of residential solar and batteries. Solar panels typically increase a home's value by 4.1% nationwide. This implies that a home with a $500,000 value might increase by $20,500.

Recent studies indicate an average gain in resale value between $4,020 and $5,911 for each kilowatt of solar panels installed. Exact figures vary depending on the installation and property.

Qualifies for tax breaks and cash incentives 

Many people opt to purchase solar panels and batteries from a third party, which entitles them to enjoy the system's advantages for just a small monthly fee. Some people opt to purchase their systems entirely, though. Solar panels typically cost between $16,200 to $21,420.9. Depending on where you live, you may even be able to pay off your solar PV system sooner than you think thanks to local subsidies, net metering, the federal solar tax credit, and other incentives.

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FOR Energy was so professional in their installation on our solar panels. Even though I was away for work they were able to communicate and install the system in record time. I would definitely recommend them for others to use to install solar for their homes. All of my questions were answered wonderfully.

Gregory Harston

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