If I am an APS customer, what do I need to know about the upcoming change in legislation?


Come July 1, 2017, APS solar regulations are changing drastically. The current solar charge of $0.70 per kW is increasing to $3.00 per kW (Example: Now, a 10 kW system has solar charge of $7/month. After July 1, a 10kW system has a solar charge of $30/month) Also, instead of getting full retail credit for any excess net metered electricity, payments will be set by complex calculations based on what the electricity would be worth if it came from traditional power plants and what it actually saves the utility. Also, APS is potentially looking to add a demand charge come November 2017, though this has not yet been approved. All the July 1 changes have not yet been laid out by APS but should soon be released. If you are interested in solar, and if you qualify, you need to call today to schedule a time for a complimentary consultation. If solar is right for you, we can process your interconnection application and get you grand-fathered into the current administration of rules. On that note, 20 year grandfathered periods will be going away on July 1st and new, shorter, 10 year periods will exist.

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