How is LED the Best in Lighting Technology?

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LED lights are one of the quickest and easiest ways to improve energy-efficiency in your home.  Many people are familiar with them, but haven’t taken the time to truly understand what these lights are and how exactly they can help save money. LED stands for Light Emitting Diodes and these types of lights are among the most energy efficient and safest of all lighting options.

Special Features of LED Lights

One of the things people first notice about LED is that the bulbs tend to be much more brilliant and vibrant in their color. This is because the bulbs emit light in a single direction rather than diffusing the light out in all directions like traditional bulbs. “With many fixture types, including recessed downlights, troffers, and undercabinet fixtures, it is not uncommon for only 50 to 60% of the total light produced to be emitted” ( An additional benefit is that LED can be dimmed and controlled to create the perfect level of light.

How Energy Efficient Are LEDs?

The amount electricity consumed depends on the LED bulb, as well as the fixture. Maximum LED lighting benefits can only be attained with they are used as they were designed to be used and in a system that supports them. “The efficiency of a poorly designed fixture that uses even the best LEDs will be only a fraction of what it would be if the fixture were well-designed, and the design can also affect lumen maintenance” ( Using the right fixture and electrical system with your LED bulbs you can lead to much better energy ratings more lighting power- a trade off that is well worth any investment required for updating to such fixtures!


“LED luminaire useful life is often described by the number of operating hours until the LED luminaire is emitting 70 percent of its initial light output. Good-quality white LED lighting products are expected to have a useful life of 30,000 to 50,000 hours or even longer. A typical incandescent lamp lasts about 1,000 hours; a comparable CFL, 8,000 to 10,000 hours; and the best linear fluorescent lamps, more than 30,000 hours” ( LED lighting benefits more than pay for the initial cost of purchase and installation. You get more lighting hours, less heat, less energy output, and less waste, thereby saving you money on lighting costs year after year. This is why many people are choosing to invest upfront with these lights and fixtures in their homes and then reap the LED lighting benefits for years to come. LED may be the right choice for you so check it out and decide for yourself!

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