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Top 5 Reasons to Get a Home Energy Audit

Feb 02, 2021

Home Energy AuditSpend enough time living in the desert and you’ll hear people talk about home energy audits. Local news anchors recommend them on morning shows, while city governments and energy providers try to incentivize you to schedule this service with their favorite provider. The thing is, most of these folks are better at recommending an energy audit than they are at explaining why you should pursue one. At FOR Energy, we’re here to make this process a little more accessible and a lot less mysterious. Let’s start with the basics:

What Is the Purpose of an Energy Audit?

Simply put, and energy audit is when an experienced pro evaluates the energy efficiency of your home. In order to do this, they’ll examine your appliances, HVAC system, windows, doors, insulation, and roofing for sources of energy loss. They also perform a series of tests designed to locate air leaks or use thermal imaging technology to identify hot spots. Finally, some auditors will perform a solar evaluation to see how much you can increase the efficiency of your home by investing in solar panels.

When they’ve finished, your auditor will review your recent energy bills before explaining how their findings have been affecting the amount you pay each month. They’ll also make recommendations for improving your home’s efficiency, ranging from DIY solutions to professional upgrades.

Why Should I Get an Energy Audit?

An energy audit gives you a clear and personalized path towards improving the efficiency of your home. Should you choose to pursue the upgrades recommended by your auditor, you can expect to enjoy:

1.      Lower Monthly Bills

Let’s face it: No one likes paying bills. So if you could minimize the regular payments you make to your energy provider, wouldn’t you want to? Ultimately, this is what an energy audit allows you to do. Once you invest in home improvements that cut down on energy usage in your home, you can expect to enjoy lower monthly bills. In some cases—like when they choose to go solar—homeowners eliminate monthly energy bills altogether after an audit.

2.      A Comfier Home

Anyone who’s lived through a desert summer can tell you the extreme lengths people will go to so that they can beat the heat. By making your home more energy efficient, you can accomplish the same goals without interrupting your regular routines. That’s because a more energy-efficient home also tends to be more thermally efficient, keeping outdoor temperatures from having much of an impact on indoor spaces.

3.      Reduced HVAC Strain

When temperatures climb to extreme levels, many homeowners immediately crank their thermostat nice and low. But if you have leaky ducts, flimsy windows, or worn-out insulation, your AC unit will probably have trouble keeping up with your temperature needs. In fact, your energy audit may reveal that you’ve been air conditioning your attic crawl space or exterior walls without realizing it. By improving your home’s efficiency, your HVAC system won’t have to work as hard to keep you comfy indoors. Not only does this result in lower bills, but it may also reduce the chance of your system quickly burning out.

4.      A Healthier Environment

Do you know where the energy you use in your home comes from? While there’s an increasing push for major energy providers to invest in renewable resources, the truth is that most of them still rely on coal- or gas-burning power plants to meet energy needs. These plants pump greenhouse gases into the atmosphere and pollute ground water. With a more energy-efficient home, you’ll be drawing less power from these plants. In fact, if you invest in solar energy after an audit, you can make your household’s carbon footprint negligible.

5.      Financial Incentives to Cover System Costs

Did you know that both local and federal governments offer tax credits to homeowners investing in renewable resources? This means that the energy efficiency upgrades you purchase for your home may be discounted. Solar resources often prove to be particularly lucrative—between the federal tax credits, state incentives, and favorable financing options, many homeowners find that they can go solar for no out-of-pocket costs.

So how about it—are you ready to enjoy the benefits of a home energy audit? If you live in Arizona, FOR Energy is ready to help! Contact us today to schedule your assessment.

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