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Case Study

Keeping Cool in Chandler, AZ, Thanks to a Home Energy Audit Home Energy Audit

It was the middle of May, and no amount of fidgeting with the thermostat could keep Rebecca M. and her husband comfortable in their Chandler home. Worse yet, their monthly electrical bills had spiked, and Rebecca could only foresee the problem becoming worse as the Arizona summer dragged on. So, she did what any sensible desert-dweller does when faced with a looming energy crisis—she reached out to the efficiency experts at FOR Energy and scheduled a home energy audit.

The Solution

Knowing her older home wasn’t a gleaming example of energy efficiency, Rebecca hoped that an energy audit would reveal ways to keep herself and her husband comfortable without paying a small fortune. However, past experiences with other energy companies made her a bit nervous before her audit even began. She dreaded the thought of a salesman combing through her home before pushing her into committing to needless and expensive “improvements.”

When the FOR Energy Pros arrived at her Chandler home, Rebecca’s fears quickly evaporated. She noted that:

Everything was thoroughly explained…during the consultation, I never felt pressured or confused by the process.

Based on the findings of her home energy audit, Rebecca and her husband decided to update the worn-out insulation in their attic in order to cut down on thermal transfer. On installation day, the crew arrived on-time and the project manager took the time to thoroughly explain the process so that Rebecca would know what was happening in her home.

The Verdict

Rebecca was impressed by the professionalism exhibited by FOR Energy from start to finish. But how did she feel about the results of her energy audit and insulation upgrade? Well, when FOR Energy followed up with her, she happily informed them that:

I would definitely recommend FOR Energy to anyone!


Are you ready to take Rebecca’s recommendation to heart? At FOR Energy, we’d be happy to help you find ways to improve the energy efficiency of your home by performing an energy audit. Get started today by calling (480) 699-1481 or filling out the convenient form below.


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