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A Home Energy Audit Showed This Glendale, AZ, Resident How to Save Money on Energy Bills

Home Energy Audit

Teena M. wasn’t quite sure what to expect when she scheduled an energy audit for her home in Glendale, Arizona. Local utility companies recommended the service as a way to lower monthly energy bills, and Teena figured that saving a little bit of money each month couldn’t hurt. So, she reached out to FOR Energy, the area’s leading efficiency expert.

On the day of her audit, a team of Energy Pros visited her Glendale home and performed a thorough inspection. They used thermal imaging on walls, windows and doors; they evaluated her thermostat, water heater, and HVAC system; they even climbed into her attic to assess her insulation, ductwork, and roof. When they finished, one of the Energy Pros sat down with Teena to show her pictures and explain how their findings were impacting her monthly energy bills. Teena writes:

“I was blown away by how much energy I was losing.”

Based on the results of her energy audit, the team put together a list of improvements that would help boost energy efficiency of Teena’s home and help keep money in her pocket at the end of each month.

The Solution

In order to maximize Teena’s savings, the team decided to focus on insulation, ductwork, and windows. On installation day, the FOR Energy crew showed up on time and got straight to work. They updated Teena’s attic insulation and sealed her ducts so that all the cool air produced by her HVAC system went straight into her living areas. The team also applied clear window film to keep UV light from affecting indoor temperatures. Throughout the entire process, Teena writes that:

“The crew was professional and friendly, and I would recommend them to all my friends!”

They even cleaned up after themselves at the end of the day, allowing Teena to enjoy her energy-efficient home without having to take care of a mess.

The Verdict

At the end of the month, Teena spotted a sizeable difference in her energy bill. She also found that FOR Energy’s upgrades offered incredible value, writing:

“The price for the work to be done was great.”


“Picking FOR Energy to design, coordinate and install was the best company choice for us”


We are so excited to have installed Solar in our newly built home. Our energy savings have been incredible and will allow us to retire without the fear of escalating utility costs. Picking FOR Energy to design, coordinate and install was the best company choice for us. Once we met Sean, his knowledge, expertise and customer service were beyond our expectations and made the experience great.

Donna Manelis

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