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What to Know About Energy-Efficient Windows

Did you know that windows are one of the leading causes of energy loss in a home? Luckily, Arizona’s own FOR Energy can help you address this problem by installing energy-efficient replacement windows in your Phoenix-area home.

Why Choose Energy-Efficient Windows?

Old or poorly designed windows are often one of the leading contributors to inefficiency as they leave you vulnerable to outdoor temperatures. Energy-efficient windows, on the other hand, feature frames and glass specially designed to keep you snug no matter the weather. They also lower strain on your HVAC system, potentially saving you money on energy bills.

Four Important Factors When Choosing Your Windows
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Four Important Factors When Choosing Your Windows
Proper frame design in our replacement windows maximizes their energy efficiency. Not only do they boast effective insulation, but they also come with thermal breaks that keep outdoor temperatures from transferring into your home through the frame material itself. Meanwhile, weather-tight seals around the moveable sashes prevent air infiltration and help these windows meet the EPA’s energy efficiency standards.
Just because natural light streams into your living spaces through window glass doesn’t mean that Arizona’s baking outdoor temperatures should as well. State-of-the-art glazing techniques and a triple-layered low-E coating means that our windows can deflect hot and harmful UV light. Additionally, multi-pane construction and argon gas fills allow our replacement windows to resist radiant thermal transfer.
The style of your windows does more than just add personality to your home—it can impact your monthly bills too! During your window replacement, consider upgrading to picture windows, which don’t open and boast a truly air-tight design, or casement windows, which swing outwards like a door but seal tightly against windy weather.
Even the most experienced DIYers will tell you that window replacement is no easy feat. If you’re trying to improve your home’s efficiency, you should really turn to the experts. Our specially trained team will work precisely when installing your replacement windows, and they’ll make sure the space around the frames is properly sealed against air intrusion.
Our Replacement Window Process
Schedule an Appointment
When you contact us for a window replacement, one of our Energy Pros will visit your home to examine your current windows and discuss your needs. We also provide thermal imaging when applicable.
Review Your Options
Based on your situation, we’ll show you a number of energy-efficient windows at different price points that would work for your replacement.
Receive a Professional Measurement
After you make your choice, our experts will collect measurements so that your replacement windows get manufactured to precisely fit your home.
Enjoy Your Beautiful New Windows
Once manufacturing is complete, our installers will visit your home and swap out the inefficient windows for your beautiful replacements. Then, you reap the benefits!
Our Guarantee

At FOR Energy, we’re not happy until you’re happy. That’s why we employ some of the most reliable window technicians in the industry. Our team members benefit from rigorous training, allowing them to install your new windows precisely and maximize their energy efficiency. And, because our team is known for their friendliness and professionalism, you’ll find working with them to be a pleasure.

“Very nice company, friendly staff, quick clean work made us feel safe in these covid times. Very informative and respond to questions in a timely manner.”
“The crew was clean and respectful. I was surprised how efficient they were. My SRP bill has already gone down from last year and we had record heat this month!”
“The things you learn about your home with an energy audit! I had no idea how underperforming my house was until Luke showed up. He took the time to walk me through my homes energy efficiency and how to fix it.”
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