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With Solar Energy in Peoria being the best approach to saving energy, it’s best to start with a Home energy audit & a free consolation with guidance to saving energy. Your FOR Energy Solar Consultant will review your home in Peoria, AZ and walk you through the best options for YOU. Our solar service areas encompass the state of Arizona, specifically the city of Peoria. Since no two homes are the same, we approach each situation uniquely and take pride in listening to your needs.

Save on Electricity

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint
A lot of home owners in Peoria, AZ are now converting to solar energy in Peoria. This is because of its irresistible twin lures — solar power will cut your electricity costs and is very good for the environment. Now, who would not want that? Go Solar now in Peoria, contact FOR Energy at
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What is Solar Energy?

Solar Energy refers to the light and heat that comes from the sun. Through the use of technologies such as solar panels that contain photovoltaic cells, sunlight is converted into electricity or what is commonly referred as solar power.

How Solar Energy Works


These are usually installed on your rooftop other options my be available.

The solar panels trap the sunlight within its cells. The process goes like this: sunlight hits the photovoltaic cells, knocking the electrons from their atoms, and causing them to flow. When this happens, electricity is generated. This type of electricity is referred to as Direct Current.


The inverter transforms the Direct Current into Alternate Current. This is the type of electricity that you use inside your home. You can now use this Alternate Current directly or it can be sent to a battery storage system or to the grid.


Even if you convert to solar panels, you must continue to be part of the grid. The power grid will receive your excess energy and at the same time, you can draw energy from it in case you require it. Depending on policies and legislations in your area, you may even earn extra from the power that you supply to the grid.

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Currently, FOR Energy provides solar energy in Peoria services and also to several areas in the United States that includes parts of Arizona. When you book our solar energy in Peoria, we will immediately dispatch a highly-trained FOR Energy Consultant to talk to you, assess your needs, and provide you with a customized solar power solution. Be one of our satisfied customers now and Go Solar. Simply contact us at (480) 699-1481.
Our range of programs include

  • Zero-Cost Programs
  • Lease Programs
  • Finance Programs
  • Cash Programs

The Solar Panel Process

  • Schedule Consultation & Review Utility Bill

    When you call us, we will schedule an expert to guide you and review your energy bill in Gilbert, AZ.

  • Review Design & Savings

    We will then propose our approach and estimated savings plan customized for your home in Gilbert, AZ, and recommend any benefits you apply for.

  • Install Panels

    We will dispatch out our expert team and install each panel and associated parts.

  • Start Saving!

    Within the next few months you'll start to notice a huge difference in your energy plan.

Want to learn more about available rebates and tax credits?

Why Should You Go Solar?

FOR Energy’s business model in Peoria, AZ is based on an advocacy — to help you save yourself from the burden of unnecessary expenses and more importantly, to save the environment. This is where our business philosophy emanates from.

5 Reasons to go solar energy in Peoria:

1. Good investment.

When you put up solar panels in your home in Peoria, AZ, you will be able to cut down on your electricity costs. According to studies, the savings can be as much as $100 per month. When you compute your savings for at least two decades, taking into consideration maintenance costs, the savings can be as much as $30,000. Plus, you can even earn from your solar energy system. This is because some states, as part of the Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS), require that a portion of the electric supply should come from solar generators. For some of these states, there is a market for Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SREC) wherein you can sell your excess solar power.

What’s more, if you have a solar energy system in Peoria, AZ, it will definitely increase your home value. In a study by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California, it was found that overall, home buyers are willing to shell out as much as $15,000 for a home with a solar panel system. Of course, as time goes by and depending on the real property market, this amount may in fact increase.

Home solar energy
discount energy program

2. Various programs for financing.

Are you aware that the government, whether federal or local, has various programs that encourage the shift to solar energy? You can take advantage of the federal income tax credits when you file your taxes. Through this, you can actually earn back as much as 30 percent of the costs of installation in Peoria, AZ. Then you can even combine this with the SRECs for more benefits.

Plus, FOR Energy offers various programs in the installation of solar power in Peoria. These include the zero-cost programs, lease programs, finance programs and cash programs. All of these can help a lot in financing the installation of your solar energy in Peoria.

3. Long life span.

The important thing to note about your solar energy in Peoria is that it will last for as long as 30 to 40 years. In fact, there are warranties that cover a performance period of as long as 25 years. The industry even guarantees that at least 80 percent of your solar panels will continue to work during this warranty period. This just shows great value for your money, right?

4. Good for the environment.

Solar energy in Peoria is clean energy. It is also very much sustainable as you simply transform electricity from the sun. By using solar energy in Peoria, you minimize dependence on coal power plants and fossil fuels which are the causes of greenhouse gas emissions and climate change. As such, you help clean up the environment. What’s more, fossil fuels also has a negative impact on our water resources due to its requirement for significant amounts of water. This is not the case in solar energy which require minimal to zero water in order to operate.

5. Little to no maintenance.

Once you install your solar energy in Peoria, AZ, chances are, you do not have to do anything about it for the next two to three decades. This is because it will just work at high efficiency and requires practically zero maintenance, saving you a lot of money.

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Did you know?

Gilbert is a town in Maricopa County, Arizona, United States, located southeast of Phoenix, within the Phoenix metropolitan area. Once known as the “Hay Shipping Capital of the World”, Gilbert is currently the most populous incorporated town in the United States. It is the sixth-largest municipality in Arizona, and the fifth-largest in the Metropolitan Phoenix Area.

Gilbert owes its beginnings to William “Bobby” Gilbert who provided land to the Arizona Eastern Railway in 1902 to construct a rail line between Phoenix and Florence, Arizona. Ayer’s Grocery Store, the first store in Gilbert, opened in 1910 and became the location of the first post office in 1912. The location of the town post office moved several times before settling on the east side of Gilbert Road in downtown, where it still stands today.

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Our guarantee is total customer satisfaction. All of our personnel and most especially our Energy Pros in Peoria, AZ are experts and the best in the field. They have undergone rigorous trainings and are updated in terms of the latest trends in making your home energy-efficient. Plus, they are courteous and efficient. They will do their best to properly assist you and help you in every way possible to make your home energy-efficient. With FOR Energy in Peoria, AZ, you are sure to get the best value for your money. This is because we always make sure that every home owner will be able to consider their home their personal haven by working to ensure its comfort, health and energy efficiency.


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