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Any desert dweller will tell you that improving your home’s energy efficiency starts with choosing the right insulation. That’s why attic insulation is one of the first things we check during an energy audit, and why we only install industry-leading, eco-friendly cellulose insulation for homeowners like you in Phoenix, Arizona.

Reduce Your Home’s Energy Costs

The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that anywhere between 50% and 70% of the average American’s monthly energy usage goes towards heating or cooling their home. However, FOR Energy performs insulation installations that can reduce that amount by as much as 20%, keeping more money in your pocket when the energy bill arrives.

Types of Home Insulation
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Types of Home Insulation
Batt & Roll
One of the most common types of insulation consists of fiberglass, plastic, or natural fibers woven into a thick, blanket-like batt or a much longer roll. Sized to fit between most wall studs, attic trusses, and floor joists, this insulation is quick to install and provides reliable protection from outdoor temperatures.
Loose-Fill & Blown-In
Made from loose cellulose, fiberglass, or mineral particles, this insulation easy blows into the available space to form a thick protective barrier. Loose-fill cellulose insulation is particularly prized by homeowners due to its environmental friendliness and health benefits. Made from recycled materials, cellulose insulation is usually free from harmful chemicals like asbestos and formaldehyde.
Spray Foam & Foamed-in-Place
Those who want floor or attic insulation that creates a truly air-tight barrier often invest in spray foam. This insulation comes in pressurized cannisters and gets blown into small cavities, where it quickly expands to fill all available space before hardening. In addition to reducing air infiltration, most spray foam insulation effectively repels water.
Reflective & Radiant Barrier
While most insulation keeps the summer heat and winter chill from affecting your living areas, radiant barriers and reflective insulation keep temperatures low in your attic as well. Not only does this protect any valuables you have stored here, but keeping the air surrounding your HVAC ducts at a moderate temperature means your system can work more efficiently.
Our Insulation Installation Process
Give Us a Call
When you contact us about insulation installation, you‘ll speak with a highly experienced professional who will help determine your needs.
We Examine Your Insulation
One of our Energy Pros will thoroughly inspect your current insulation in common trouble areas like your attic. We’ll show you pictures of our findings and recommend the best solutions.
Our Team Handles Installation
We’ll update your insulation in as little as a day and leave behind a spotless work area so you can get right to enjoying your more comfortable home.
You Rake in the Savings
In addition to keeping you comfy indoors, updated insulation will reduce the strain on your HVAC system. Keep an eye on your energy bills and you’ll see savings.
Our Guarantee

At FOR Energy, we’re not happy until you’re happy. That’s why we employ some of the best insulation experts in the business. Our team will make sure you completely understand the features of our insulation before we begin your project, and we’ll make sure to complete installation as quickly and cleanly as possible. We’ll even clean up after ourselves at the end of the day!

“Very nice company, friendly staff, quick clean work made us feel safe in these covid times. Very informative and respond to questions in a timely manner.”
“The crew was clean and respectful. I was surprised how efficient they were. My SRP bill has already gone down from last year and we had record heat this month!”
“The things you learn about your home with an energy audit! I had no idea how underperforming my house was until Luke showed up. He took the time to walk me through my homes energy efficiency and how to fix it.”
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