Improve Your Energy-Efficiency with Window Film

Do you know that there is a cost-efficient way of improving the energy-efficiency of your windows? If you do not have the budget to splurge on replacement windows or you are a renter but want to improve your home’s energy-efficiency, you may want to look into using window film. Let FOR Energy help you in the installation of your window film. Contact us at (480) 699-1481.

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Great Savings from Installing Energy-Efficient Window Film

If you are experiencing energy loss or have the usual spike in your electricity bill, consider the installation of low-e films. These actually have emissary ratings that are comparable to the best low-e glass, saving you a lot of money from not having to replace your windows. The window film has three uses:

1) It blocks radiant heat from passing through your windows.
2) It prevents the passage of infrared radiation.
3) It minimizes the amount of spectrum light. In fact, it can block as much as 85 percent of solar energy and can save you up to 30 percent on your energy bills.

Is Your Home Energy Efficient?

Your home’s energy efficiency is an important aspect that you should never overlook. FOR Energy serves as your partner in this respect. We offer a comprehensive Home Energy Check Up to assess your home’s energy efficiency and performance. Just contact us at
(480) 699-1481.

Benefits of an energy-efficient home

Did you know that an energy-efficient home has a lot of benefits? Read below to know the top five reasons why you need to make sure that your home is energy-efficient.


An energy-efficient home saves you a lot of money.

Studies show that you can save 20 to 30 percent on energy costs by making sure that your appliances are Energy Star rated, by using CFL bulbs and more. A properly insulated home with sealed ducts can also save you money on heating, fuel and electricity. This will be immediately validated by reduced costs on your electricity bill. There are also a lot of available technologies right now that can really help you maximize the energy efficiency of your home.

An energy-efficient home is environmentally-friendly.

If you use less energy, you help reduce carbon emissions and the release of greenhouse gases. You see, electricity is supplied by power plants which are main sources of carbon footprints. Your own home’s heating can use up natural gas or release carbon emissions into the air. By being conscious of your home’s energy efficiency, you contribute in the fight against climate change.

Energy efficiency will make your home more cozy and comfortable.

If you install proper insulation in your home and prevent air leaks, you will be able to keep out the cold air during the winter months and the heat during the summer. This ensures that your home will be a source of comfort as you will prevent cold drafts or warm spots, depending on the weather.

You can get rebates or Energy Star certification.

Adhering to energy-efficiency standards will enable you to qualify for the APS- Residential Energy Efficiency Rebate Program or the SRP Energy Star Homes Program. Both programs offer cash incentives which will be a great help in ensuring the energy performance of your home. FOR Energy will be able to help you out in qualifying for these programs.

Ensuring energy efficiency can help spur economic development.

You can help the local economy just by ensuring your home’s energy efficiency. This is because a reduction in your energy needs will also result in a decrease in the importation of electricity or natural gas. Instead, you will be able to generate more jobs locally by increasing demand for energy-efficient products and services.

Make the shift now. Contact FOR Energy to conduct an energy performance appraisal in your very own home. See for yourself how you are using energy and determine ways for you to reduce your consumption. FOR Energy’s technicians and experts will be able to help you out. Just contact (480) 699-1481 now.

Why Should You Have a Home Energy Check Up?

A Home Energy Check Up is vital as this is the best way for you to determine your home’s actual energy efficiency, and know the steps that you need to take in order to improve it. This process may seem complicated and difficult. However, with the right partner such as FOR Energy, it can be a relatively uncomplicated procedure for you.

So how do we do it?

We start by looking at your home’s exterior to check for visual energy leaks. This includes inspecting your doors and windows; your appliances and equipment including your air conditioners and water heaters; and even conducting an infrared scan of certain areas of your home such as your living room, bedroom and even your garage door. We check for insulation and duct seals and if these are installed properly. We will also set up a blower door by putting a big fan near your main door. We do this process to determine energy leaks using some equipment such as a manometer and/or a pressure pan. We will look at all of your rooms and even your attic to check out for energy leaks and to determine which rooms use energy the most and check the best way to reduce energy consumption. However, know that we don’t stop with all these.

We will be your guide

What is important to remember is that after conducting an evaluation, FOR Energy will walk you through the entire process of making your home energy efficient. We will come up to you with a report of our findings and help you find solutions to all the issues that we are able to pinpoint. Plus, we will even conduct maintenance and monitoring activities, if you like.

How do we rate?

It is for this reason that our loyal customers always choose FOR Energy for their energy-efficiency requirements. We encourage you to follow their lead. Choose FOR Energy and we guarantee that you will never regret it.

Our very comprehensive Home Energy Check Up is composed of various types of tests and analyses. These include:

  • Utility Bill Analysis to determine the trends and patterns of use
  • Combustion Appliance Testing for checking of carbon monoxide levels
  • Thermograph Scan for insulation deficiencies and moisture issues
  • Total Home Leakage Test
  • Duct Leakage Test to check for duct problems
  • Duct Design Evaluation for ductwork configuration
  • Static Pressure Test to check the air movement in the duct system
  • Room Pressure Test to determine pressure imbalances
  • Equipment Efficiency Evaluation for the efficiency of your air-conditioning system
  • Window Analysis to check for problems in relation to solar heat gain
  • Water Heating for the evaluation of the system and temperature settings
  • Insulation and Air Barrier Evaluation to check on the installed insulation in your home
  • Lighting Efficiency Evaluation for replacement of lighting with CFLs or LEDs
  • Pool Efficiency Evaluation to check on the costing of pool operations

We offer two levels of evaluation

Currently, FOR Energy has two types of Home Check Up evaluation systems packages on offer. All you have to do is check out which package is best for you:

What's Included?
Personalized Report with Pictures of my Home
Recommendations to correct issues
Available Rebates and Tax Credit Education
Window & Door Assessment
Garage Door Assessment
Ductwork Assessment
Insulation Assessment
HVAC Basic Assessment
Water Heater Assessment
Thermostat Assessment
Roof Assessment
Utility Bill Review
Complimentary Solar Design/Viability
DIY Recommendations
Thermal Imaging
SRP/APS Gift Bag
Blower Door Test
Combustion Appliance Zone Test
Room Pressure Test
Whole Home Leakage Test
Pressure Pan Test
HSFIR Report
Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Certificate Qualification
$99 Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Audit (499 Value)
$99 (with $499 value)
Complimentary Home Energy Checkup (HEC) ($299 Value)
$0 (with $299 value)

We'll guide you through our process

So how do you go about contacting us? You only have to call us at (480) 699-1481.

Your call will be handled by a trained and experienced customer service professional who will be able to advise you properly on the steps that will be done to check the energy-efficiency of your home. Our customer service personnel will discuss with you the step-by-step process and turn you over to what we refer to as our Energy Pro or Energy Professional. Our professional energy tech, will then talk to you to determine your requirements and discuss with you our Home Check Up evaluation options. Our Energy Pro will walk you through both options and provide advice in terms of what is most appropriate to your home. Once you have made your choice, we will visit your home, conduct the inspection and assessment and even provide you with a customized or individualized roadmap to energy efficiency. Note that the roadmap is according to the results of the Home Check Up assessment. We will even help you in attaining rebates and Energy Star certification.

Points of inspection

Our Guarantee

Our guarantee is total customer satisfaction. All of our personnel and most especially our Energy Pros are experts and the best in the field. They have undergone rigorous trainings and are updated in terms of the latest trends in making your home energy-efficient. Plus, they are courteous and efficient. They will do their best to properly assist you and help you in every way possible to make your home energy-efficient. With FOR Energy, you are sure to get the best value for your money. This is because we always make sure that every home owner will be able to consider their home their personal haven by working to ensure its comfort, health and energy efficiency.

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Contact FOR Energy & Save

So what are you waiting for? Contact FOR Energy now to get the ball started when it comes to making your home energy efficient. Remember, you just have to contact us at (480) 699-1481 and we will be happy to do the rest.

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