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Factors to Consider When Installing Home Solarpv in Arizona
Installing a home solar system comes with many benefits. It can reduce energy bills, save money through Arizona credit programs, increase the value of your home, and reduce carbon dioxide emissions, among others. Despite all these benefits, you should be careful when you are choosing to install a solar energy system. Here are the considerations to make:

How Soon You Can Start Making Savings
When homeowners in Arizona install solar energy systems, they are always excited about making energy savings. Some arrangements allow you to realize savings immediately, while others bring returns over the longer term. For example, if you are leasing, you will start making savings immediately, but buying the PV solar energy system is an upfront expense that can only bring savings later.
If you are a homeowner in Arizona, your solar energy system does not have to be expensive. You can acquire solar panels easily in two ways: Lease or purchase. When you purchase your solar panels, you get to take the tax incentives, but in the case of lease, the leasing company takes the incentives.

Rebates And Incentives Available for Solar PV Energy In The State
Your solar installation professional should be in a position to advise you about the different financing options available in Arizona. Solar subsidies provided by the local, state, and federal governments can be helpful. For example, the federal government’s tax credit can reduce the cost of the PV solar energy system by as much as 30%. Go to to see the various rebates and other offers available for homeowners in Arizona.

If you are a resident of Arizona and plan to install solar PV energy in your home, good insight and preparation is very important. Your choice of solar installer and materials, application for incentives and many other factors will determine the effectiveness and relevance of your system. Always consult a reliable solar energy expert before installing solar panels in your home. For more information about installing solar in your home in Arizona, contact us today.

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