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How Do Solar Energy Systems Work?

How Do Solar Energy Systems Work Phoenix AZPeople talk a lot about how solar energy will power the future. It’s not all that hard to understand their optimism: In sunny climates across the United States—including our own Phoenix, Arizona—a well-designed solar panel system can generate enough clean, affordable energy to power the average house. However, if you’re like most homeowners, you probably don’t know much about how this solar pv technology works. This can make it difficult to justify the investment required to get your solar energy system up and running.

If this situation sounds familiar to you, there’s no need to worry! At FOR Energy, we believe that understanding how your solar panel system works shouldn’t require an advanced degree. That’s why our experienced Energy Pros will happily explain the ins and outs of your custom solar system during a free consultation.

It’s Simpler Than You Think!

The key to making your system work is in the photovoltaic cells that make up a solar panel. These cells consist of one positively charged and one negatively charged slice of silicon, both sandwiched together and surrounded by metal conductive plates. The oppositely charged silicon slices generate a small electrical field, which allows them to react with the sunshine hitting the face of the panel.

When your solar energy system is up and running:

  • Sunlight photons will hit the charged photovoltaic cells and generate free electrons
  • The small electrical field in the cells will push these electrons to the metal plates
  • The plates transfer the electrons to wires as direct current (DC) electricity
  • The wires carry the DC electricity to a solar inverter, which transforms it into alternating current (AC) electricity
  • You use the AC electricity to power appliances, lights, and electronics in your home

Most of the time, solar pv technology works so effectively that it generates more electricity than needed. We’ll make sure that any excess solar energy gets fed into the grid, which energy providers will even pay you for in some states. How’s that for value?

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At FOR Energy, we’d be happy to custom-design a solar energy system for your home! Contact us today to learn more about the solar panels we install in Arizona and across the United States!

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